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Custom Repairs

Do you have a favorite garment that could use a mend? We'd love to help.
Please read the following Q+A s to see if your clothes are a good fit for a
Little Cliff repair.

What is an ideal repair candidate?

  • A well-loved garment

  • A woven garment (non-stretch) 

  • Made of natural fibers, such as linen or cotton, especially for overdye projects

What types of repairs do you offer?

Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Visible / exterior patches

  • Invisible / interior patches

  • Darning

  • Button replacement 

  • Fabric reinforcement

  • Seam repair

  • Pocket repairs 

  • Overdyeing 

  • Decorative stitching + Embellishment

Check out our Repairs Gallery for ideas + inspiration 

How does the repair process work?

Once you have reviewed the points above, fill out the Custom Repairs Form below. When your order is accepted, you will receive a Calendly link to book your appointment. You will be able to choose from several dates during the first week of each month. You will be charged a $15 booking fee which will go toward the final cost of your mend. At the appointment, we will discuss your project, timeline, and cost. I will request a minimum 50% deposit at this time. Please allow 4 weeks for mending to be completed. It is likely that I will finish before 4 weeks, but please plan on a full month turnaround. Rush orders will be subject to a 25% increase on final pricing.

Do you accept out-of-state orders?

Yes, non-Missourians! If you have reviewed the points above, please submit a Custom Repairs Form below to start your repair process. Shipping details will be provided at the initial consultation.

How much does it cost?

 Check out our Mending Menu for common repair rates! We also offer hourly pricing for bulk projects. 

Custom Repairs Form


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