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Custom Repairs

Do you have a favorite garment that could use a mend? We'd love to help.
Please read the following Q+A s to see if your clothes or textiles are a good fit for a Little Cliff repair.

Mending Process

Local Clients - St. Louis area

Drop off your items in need of mends at one of our monthly popups! Check out the calendar to find out our upcoming dates and locations. This is a great option for first-time clients, or clients with smaller mending projects. Think a pair of jeans with a booty blowout, or a sweater with a few moth holes. If your garments fall under our mending services below, no email is necessary to secure your spot. Payments will be accepted up front, and we’ll have it ready for you by the next available pickup date (usually in 4 weeks).

Please make sure to check our events calendar and mending services before submitting the form below. Popups are a way to consolidate mending appointments and communication, so we will redirect your request to our mending calendar before accepting individual appointments. 

Vintage Sellers & Clients with Larger Projects

Fill out the form below as usual, and we’ll get back to you about setting up an appointment in the studio. At the appointment, we will set a project timeline and we will provide an estimate for each item. Even if you’re not a vintage seller, this is a great way to connect with us for larger mending piles, large projects like quilt repairs, or other creative projects over $100 (see our mending menu for rough pricing!) 

Out-of-town Clients

Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch! If your mending proposal is something we cover, we’ll ask you to send photos of the damage to provide an estimate. Shipping your item to us is your down payment, and we’ll accept the total and return shipping upon completion. Since shipping can get pretty costly, consider sending multiple items to us at once!

Not sure where you fit in? Fill out a contact form with your questions.

Our Services

  • Denim Repair 

    • Butt and crotch repair, visible and invisible

    • Knee patches and reinforcement

    • Zipper repair and replacement 

    • Belt loop repair and replacement 

    • Back pocket seam reinforcement 

    • Hemming

  • Jacket and Outerwear Repair

    • Elbow and sleeve reconstruction and repair 

    • Zipper repair and replacement ​

    • Pocket bag repair

  • Knitwear Darning + Repair 

    • Traditional and Swiss darning for sweaters, visible and invisible​

    • T-shirt repair and reinforcement 

  • General Clothing + Home Goods Repair 

    • Button and Fastening Replacement

    • Visible and invisible patching 

    • Quilt and pillow repair

    • Seam repair

    • Hemming 

  • Seasonal Natural Overdyeing 

    • June Community Indigo Vat

Not sure what your project needs, but might be able to diagnose it visually? There's visual references in our Repairs Gallery and on our Instagram!

Mending Services
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